Patient-Centered Care

Jones Behavioral Health, Inc. firmly attests to the belief that the Patient's Healing Process, Attentiveness and Satisfaction with their Individual and/or Group Therapy Sessions are all directly impacted by their Surroundings. This is why our Clinical and Administrative Staff ensure that every Patient is provided with a warm, friendly and familiar atmosphere each time they visit our facility.

We are located in the heart of the Central Savannah River Area and our office is located on Pleasant Home Road, near the Pleasant Home Road and Washington Road intersection. We have designed the facility to accomodate our patients with parking in the back of the facility, away from the main road. Jones Behavioral Health, Inc. strives to maintain an open, welcoming and safe atmosphere. This is an important aspect of how the facility operates, as Patient Care and Attention is at the top of our lists. Each Therapeutic Office and Room is private and positioned away from other patients or visitors that may currently be in the building. The privacy is a must for each and every one of our patients as it is extremely important in aiding in their treatment, healing process, concentration and attentiveness to their Therapist during their sessions. 

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