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Jones Behavioral Health, Inc. is offering Remote Telemedine ("Teletherapy") sessions as a way for you to access your treatment provider from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. Our HIPPA-compliant platform, TheraNest, maintains the same strict code of confidentiality as we do in the office. Not only that, but TheraNest also works on any device!


When you sign up, you will be able to view your treatment records, make a payment directly to the office and access the encypted messages we will be sending to you regarding your teletherapy sessions. In these messages, you will be sent a link that will take you directly to the webpage where your sessoin will be. There is no other sign-up needed past the Patient Portal. You do not have to join TheraNest, only go to the link to attend your session.


If you feel that we do not have your correct email address or mobile phone number on file, please call us at  (706) 364-3209 to update your information. 



In order to take advantage of our Teletherapy Services, we must have a verified payment method on file for you. Please submit the Card/Debit Authorization form that will be sent to you via email. If you have not received this form, please let us know by calling (706) 364-3209 or emailing


If you cannot join the Patient Portal or would like to provide your payment details a different way, you can call the office and provide your card details over the phone. This method is also confidential as we will be manually adding your payment method directly to our system, saving that information and at that point all details will become encrypted by Kareo so that not even we can view them any longer.


The method of payment that you provide to us will be used in the future for your Teletherapy Sessions and you will need to sign the Credt/Debit Authorization Form either in-office or by submitting the form after it has been emailed to you before the Teletherapy Sessions start.  You can have multiple payment methods on file if you would like to let us know which method to bill at the time of your session.

As a reminder, No-show fees of $50.00 will still apply to appointments cancelled within a 24-hour window before the session is set to begin.


Please read more about the Kareo Patient Portal and Payment Portal here:   Kareo Patient Engage


And learn about TheraNest here:    TheraNest


Click here to find out more about our fees and financial policy. 


If you feel that we do not have your correct email address or mobile phone number on file, please call us at  (706) 364-3209 to update your information. Once you have signed up for Kareo's Patient Portal, your sessions will be scheduled as usual and you will receive your appointment link and appointment reminders from our Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform, Kareo. 


Please follow the guidelines below to make sure that your Teletherapy Sessions go smoothly from the start:

You can view the above instructions as a PDF here:

Teletherapy Browser Setup and Support
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